Allan C.

I would recommend this company, and ask for Danny. The service on the phone has been very professional and understanding. Their technician Danny was always very courteous, knowledgeable and professional with diagnosing the issue and replacing the component that failed. Unfortunately, the brand new part had a premature failure (which can sometimes happen), but Husky honoured the warranty, and Danny was able to diagnose and replace the associated parts without delay and under the warranty. He diligently checked his work, and the existing units control board afterwards, to make sure all was in proper working condition before he left.

The duct cleaning services and personnel that does this service, are also courteous and professional. They come in and out and seem to do a good job. Ask ahead of time about additional sanitizing option with the duct cleaning, so its not a surprise.

Overall, I like their professionalism, and focus on customer service on the phone and with their technicians. They honor their work and warranty without issue, so that is another good sign of an excellent company as well.