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For over 18 years, Husky Heating and Cooling has set the standard for exceptional automotive air conditioning services, cementing our position as the industry’s go-to experts. Specializing in a comprehensive range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to tractors and industrial vehicles, our depth of knowledge and experience ensures that your air conditioning needs are met and exceeded.
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Mobile AC We Come To Your Vehicle

At Husky, we value your time. That’s why we offer a level of flexibility that is second to none. Our top-tier services can be availed at your location, home, or business, saving you the hassle of bringing your vehicle to us. Whether it’s a sudden AC breakdown or a routine maintenance check, our team of seasoned professionals is always ready with the latest tools and techniques to provide swift, effective solutions.

Why Choose Husky Heating and Cooling?

18+ Years of Expertise

Our long-standing experience means we’ve tackled a vast array of air conditioning challenges, making us well-equipped to handle any issue, big or small.


From personal cars to heavy-duty industrial vehicles, our expertise spans various automotive types, ensuring tailored solutions for every unique need.

Convenience at Its Best

We prioritize your convenience, offering services directly at our location or bringing our expert services to your doorstep, at home or in your business.

Call For Service

Join the growing community of satisfied customers who rely on Husky Heating and Cooling for their automotive air conditioning needs. Discover the difference that our expertise, dedication, and convenience can make to your vehicle’s maintenance. Don’t wait; contact us today to schedule your service and start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable driving experience.

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Husky Heating and Cooling's Expert AC System Recharge Process

At Husky Heating and Cooling, we understand the importance of a properly functioning automotive air conditioning system. That’s why we offer comprehensive AC recharge services executed with precision and care, ensuring your vehicle’s cooling system operates at peak efficiency. Here’s an overview of the expert steps we take to recharge your AC system:

Initial System Evacuation

Our first step in the recharge process involves a thorough evaluation of your vehicle’s AC system. This critical phase removes any existing refrigerant, moisture, and contaminants, setting the stage for a fresh and efficient recharge.
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Vacuum Purification

Following evacuation, we employ a high-quality vacuum pump to eliminate all remaining air and moisture from the system. This step ensures that no impurities are left behind, which could freeze and cause blockages or damage to your AC system.
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Precision Refrigerant Recharge

The culmination of our process is the precise addition of the correct amount of refrigerant to your system. Husky’s technicians meticulously measure the refrigerant by weight, adhering strictly to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. This accuracy guarantees optimal performance and longevity of your AC system.

Our Specialty Tools and Equipment

Professional Vacuum Pump + Manifold Gauge Combo

This allows us to evacuate the system accurately and then draw a perfect vacuum while continuously monitoring the system’s pressure to ensure it meets precise specifications.

Industry-Standard Manifold Gauge Set

This is essential for our technicians to monitor the AC system’s pressure accurately, ensuring it aligns with the vehicle’s recommended levels for optimal performance.

High-Efficiency AC Vacuum Pump

Specifically used in our vacuum step, it ensures that all moisture and air are thoroughly removed from the system.

Pure Refrigerant Supply (no oil or sealers)

We use only the highest quality refrigerant, free from oil or sealers, to ensure the best performance and compatibility with your vehicle’s AC system.

Precise Refrigerant Can Tap and Scale

Our technicians utilize professional-grade can taps and digital scales for exact refrigerant measurement, guaranteeing the manufacturer-recommended amount is added to your AC system.
At Husky Heating and Cooling, our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that your automotive air conditioning recharge is performed to the highest standards. Trust us to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable, no matter the weather. Contact us today to schedule a professional AC system recharge and experience the Husky difference.




Husky Heating and Cooling: Your Trusted Air Conditioning Partner in Kelowna

At Husky Heating and Cooling, we’re not just experts in HVAC and Refrigeration services; we’re your neighbours here in Kelowna, dedicated to bringing more than 17 years of professional experience directly to your doorstep. A simple drive our journey yet powerful mission: to deliver honest, ethical, and supremely professional services across the Okanagan and its surrounding areas.

Exceeding Expectations, One Service at a Time

Our dedication to excellence is mirrored in our unwavering commitment to surpassing our customers’ expectations. At Husky Heating and Cooling, we take immense pride in our work and our lasting relationships with our clients. This commitment to quality and service is something we promise to uphold for every new client for years to come.

Bonded, Insured, and Unwaveringly Committed

Safety and reliability are at the core of everything we do. That’s why we’re fully insured and bonded, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re in capable and secure hands. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Excellence isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s the standard we live by, a testament to the reputation we’ve meticulously built with our valued customers.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

We have a saying: “We’re not just about picking up our own number 2’s; we’re here to clean up the competition’s number 2’s as well.” It’s our light-hearted way of assuring you that no matter the challenge—be it ours or someone else’s—we’re on it with the tools, expertise, and enthusiasm to set things right.

Full-Service HVAC Solutions

Whether facing a minor hiccup or a full-scale HVAC dilemma, Husky Heating and Cooling has the solution. As a full-service HVAC contractor, we’re equipped to tackle any problem, regardless of size. Our team ensures your heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems are running efficiently so you can focus on what matters most.
Welcome to Husky Heating and Cooling, where excellence is just the beginning. Let us take care of your HVAC needs and experience the difference dedication and professionalism can make.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Automotive AC Services

What types of vehicles do you service?
We specialize in mobile AC services for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, tractors, and industrial vehicles. Our expertise covers personal and commercial vehicles, ensuring your cooling systems are efficient regardless of your drive or operation.
Yes, our mobile AC service is designed to provide on-site assistance. Our technicians can provide the tools and parts necessary to service your vehicle’s AC system, whether at home, work, or on a job site.
Signs that your AC system may need servicing include weak airflow, air that isn’t as cold as it used to be, strange noises when the AC is on, and unpleasant odours from your AC vents. If you notice any of these issues, it’s likely time for a service.
Our mobile AC servicing typically includes a thorough inspection of the AC system, refrigerant recharge if necessary, checking for leaks, replacing or repairing damaged parts, and a final system test to ensure everything is running smoothly.
The duration of service can vary depending on your vehicle’s specific needs. Most AC services are completed within one to two hours, but more complex issues or repairs may take longer. We strive to provide efficient and effective service to get you back on the road quickly.
We aim to complete repairs on-site whenever possible. Our technicians come prepared with various tools and parts to handle most AC repairs. If a more complex issue is identified that cannot be fixed on-site, we will discuss the best course of action with you.
Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work. We offer a warranty on parts and labour for all our mobile AC services. Please get in touch with us for specific warranty details, as terms may vary depending on the service and parts used.
We recommend having your vehicle’s AC system checked at least once a year. Regular maintenance can prevent major issues and keep your system running efficiently, especially before the warmer months.
Yes, our technicians are certified and have extensive experience in mobile AC services for all types of vehicles. They receive ongoing training to stay current with the latest AC repair techniques and technologies.
Scheduling is easy! Simply call us or fill out a request form on our website with your location, vehicle type, and a brief description of the AC issue. We’ll get back to you promptly to confirm your appointment.
Recharging your car’s AC takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour. This includes the time needed to inspect the system, evacuate the old refrigerant, perform a vacuum test for leaks, and refill the refrigerant to the precise amount. We use the factory-recommended level.
Several issues could be causing your AC to blow warm air, including a refrigerant leak, a clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose, a faulty compressor, a faulty blower motor, or a damaged or failed condenser or evaporator. It’s best to have a professional diagnose the problem to repair it accurately.
Replacing the AC in your car can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you live in a hot climate or rely on your vehicle for daily comfort. If your car is relatively new and in good condition, repairing or replacing the AC system can add to its resale value and extend its lifespan.
The cost of fixing your car’s AC can vary widely depending on the issue. Simple fixes like recharging the refrigerant may be relatively inexpensive, while more complex problems like replacing a compressor can be more costly. Getting a detailed diagnosis and quote before proceeding with any repairs is best.
The cost of fixing your car’s AC can vary widely depending on the issue. Simple fixes like recharging the refrigerant may be relatively inexpensive, while more complex problems like replacing a compressor can be more costly. Getting a detailed diagnosis and quote before proceeding with any repairs is best.

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